First Time Guests

We look forward to meeting you!
Directions to the church are available by clicking on the white box to lower left marked “Need Directions? Click Here.”
Come as you are — business casual attire is the norm here, but we have everything in-between too.
Where To Go, What To Do
We have set up a “Welcome Center” especially for our guests in our lobby.  There are a variety of brochures and leaflets with more information about our church life.  One of our congregation members staffs this area to help you find what you need. Ushers & Greeters stand at each doorway into our building to welcome you, hand out the programs for that morning’s worship, and also to help you find a seat if necessary.  You are welcome to sit anywhere.
The order of worship is simple and often consists of the following things:
*  A Welcome from our Pastor
*  Congregational singing with a “blend” of musical styles
*  Prayer
*  An offering collection to support the work of the church (This is for regular attenders and members only; you are our guest so please don’t feel compelled to give).
*  A special musical selection during the offering by a soloist or an instrumentalist
*  Perhaps a short drama or video clip
*  A morning message from the Bible that you can apply to your life (i.e. “Sermon”)
*  An opportunity to respond at the end of the message by praying yourself or asking for prayer with the Pastor or another church leader.
*  Announcements about upcoming events and opportunities to serve in our community.
*  The Lord’s Supper (Communion) – commemorating Jesus’ Last Supper that is presented bi-monthly and open to ALL Christians.
You won’t have to recite anything or kneel at special times.  You don’t have to stand up and be introduced or come forward for any reason.  And you don’t have to put anything in the collection plate just for visiting North Island Baptist.  There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable.
Communication Card
Please let us know you joined us by filling out our “Guest Card” that is included in the program.  Drop that in the offering plate when it comes by.  Better yet, introduce yourself to some people around you or speak to the Pastor before you leave. We also present a small gift to anyone who has been a first time guest.  We would love to get to know you – really!